Nedeľné sv. omše

2009-06-07 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children!
     I am inviting you to keep thanking God for all the graces He keeps granting you here on this place. The pure fact that I keep coming here is a big gift and a blessing of the Holy Trinity. Keep thanking, my children, keep thanking God for all his love.

2009-06-11 - message obtained through Martin

My children, the more you surrender to me the more the signs of my love will be seen on you.

2009-06-15 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     Also today I am coming to you for God’s great love. I beg you, dear children, please do not allow your hearts to turn hard, despite all the roughness you are facing in your lives. With a prayer of love keep knocking on those hearts, which have remained hard because of sin. God dislikes a hard heart. My children do surrender to me; I need you so that through our joint prayer we can save those who are far away from God’s love. Thanks to prayer they will be touched with God’s grace and their hearts will feel God’s goodness. I love you so much, my children. I am blessing you and am immersing you into the love of Jesus’ and my Heart.