Nedeľné sv. omše

2008-06-02 - message obtained through Martin

An Angel appeared to Martin Gavenda and told him:
     Do not be afraid of me, I am the Guardian Angel of this parish. I am coming to encourage you to worship Jesus in the Eucharist. I am encouraging all the people to worship Him. The Eucharist in the parish is like the Sun that keeps shining on you and is filling your hearts with love. A parish without the Eucharist is like the Earth without the Sun.

2008-06-08 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     Today I want to invite you to pray in your families. You work so much – until complete exhaustion, and you have so little time for prayers. You keep gathering treasures here in this world; they are here today, but will turn into dust tomorrow. Keep gathering treasures in Heaven and the rest will be given to you. Open yourselves for blessings that come to you from your Father through prayers.

2008-06-15 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     Today I want to ask you whether you really do believe that your Heavenly Father is the Almighty God! Each of you should think deeply in your hearts whether the things you do are really done because of your love to your Father. Children, many of you keep saying to yourselves how much you do for us, yet you see no fruit of your efforts. Pray and ask that you may get to know your Father. Your faith will become alive and your deeds won’t be empty only when you experience His Love. I love you, children.
     I am immersing you into the Love of Jesus’ and my Heart.