Nedeľné sv. omše

2007-07-15 - message obtained through Simona

Dear children!
     I love all of you endlessly, and I keep you at the bottom of my heart. Children, I want you to have God and heaven at the bottom of your hearts too. I want you to be full of Christ’s Peace and Love. I therefore want to encourage you not to have your hearts full of anger and non-forgiveness. By not forgiving you cause a lot of evil and injustice. By not forgiving you close your hearts and the hearts of those whom you don’t want to forgive. Your hearts should clearly reflect Jesus’ Love in you. Therefore, maintain a forgiving heart and keep in your heart God’s mercy so that your hearts are not as hard as rocks are a man trips over. Place all your pains and injustice into My Heart, and I will fill you with a Motherly love capable of loving every heart. Children, keep God’s Kingdom and Jesus’ victory in your hearts.
     Children, I immerse you into the Love of Jesus’ and My Immaculate Heart.