Nedeľné sv. omše

2007-11-04 - message obtained through Martin

My children,
     Today I ask you to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit. May He change the desert in your hearts into an oasis of life. May He change all the coldness and ice into a shining flame. Children, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and He will give you a new heart full of life.

2007-11-15 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     I see sadness in your faces and in your hearts. Children, your hearts are worried. You seek for God at places where He is not, and you do everything so as to find Him there. Yet, He is so close. He comes to you every day, He is with you always. He wants to act through your lives, but He can’t act the way He would want to due to lack of your confidence. And it takes so little – you just need to open the eyes of your heart and you will see His presence. Let the Holy Spirit inflame your hearts and there will be no sadness in them anymore, only God’s Love will be there. Children, rejoice!
     We love you very much. I immerse you into the Love of Jesus’ and My Heart.