Nedeľné sv. omše

2006-12-04 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     Praise with me our Lord – as He sends me to you daily so that I may help you with my motherly care. Therefore also today I want to tell you – open yourselves for Love, so that light shines in you. Children, without love you would stay in darkness. As your loving Mother I encourage you to confessions. Sin only enlarges the darkness in your hearts. Therefore, children, open yourselves to Father’s forgiving Love so that His light fills you and shines through you.
     From the bottom of my heart I am giving you my motherly blessing!

2006-12-15 - message obtained through Simona

My children!
     I invite you to repent. Children, do not be afraid to get rid of your affections that hurt you and your fellowmen. Surrender all that to Father’s Love. In these times when my Son is awaited, I invite you to give up your bad habits. Jesus is coming with many graces that cannot flow into hearts filled with sin and filth. So in confession allow Jesus to fill you with His graces.
     I love you. I immerse you into the Love of Jesus’ and my Heart.