Nedeľné sv. omše

2003-09-15 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     I am happy, and today I accept in a special way in my Heart all those who surrendered themselves to me. Today I join your sorrows with my sorrows, and I join my love with your love. Today I wish to embrace the entire world with love. My love will be proven through the following: whenever you plea with anxiety and confidence, I will show myself to you in a visible way. At that time have your eyes, ears and hearts open because I will be imprinting my love into them. And one more thing, my dear children, and that is the most important thing I want to tell you today: Love Jesus! Love Him with your whole heart. He longs for being with you. He wants to give Himself to you with all His graces. Children, take advantage of this time you have. We love you very, very much.
     We thank you for responding to my calling.