Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-04-01 - message obtained through Mary

My dear children!
     I am very happy, my children that God, and the Lord has permitted me even today to come here to you. Children I want you to have your hearts clean and open wide always for my Son and your Lord. Children I want you to bear your everyday´s cross without murmur. For your Lord Jesus Christ bore his cross for you but he did not murmur but bore it with great love. He sacrificed himself from love for us. Children love all of those who do not love you. Pay, pray for those who scorn you. Give out love and peace as your Lord. For he always loved all of those who scorned him. Me, your mother, I am always with you and will never leave you.
     Thank you my dear children that you have heard my call.

1999-04-03 - message obtained through Lucia

My children!
     Children, I am coming to you today with great joy. I rejoice very much because Jesus was resurrected from dead. My heart is filled with joy because Jesus is alive. My heart, which was so much, injured when I saw all of that suffering of Jesus and at the end even his death on the cross, it rejoices very much because Jesus did not die forever. He rose up after three days. He is alive and that is forever. That, that Jesus is between the living, is the best remedy for all of my hardships, which I lived through. I rejoice because Jesus is mighty. He conquered Satan and he tore up the shackles of the eternal death. He is the winner. He wins over every evil. He reigns over the whole world.
     Children, let your hearts be set alight with a great flame of joy from that, that you have your Lord alive. Rejoice from that great day together with the whole holy Church. May your hearts sing with a great voice: Alleluia, alleluia, and alleluia.

1999-04-04 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children!
     Today the whole heaven is at a large celebration together with the whole earth. All of us we rejoice that my Son broke the prickle of death and so presented us, children of mine, with life - the eternal life. My children protect it and do not let it be taken from you. Realize that you can get to heaven thanks to this love, which has sacrificed itself for you. This love did not stay in the grave but it rose up from it on the third day. This love, children, is Jesus. He gave big sacrifice for you. Therefore, remember that it was not a cheap sacrifice, but God´s sacrifice, God´s love to a man. Children, let by your life be known that Jesus indeed got resurrected and rejoice from that day which we celebrate together today.
     Thank you that you have accepted my call.

1999-04-08 - message obtained through Mary

My children!
     Even today I come here to you because the God and the Lord brings you love and peace through me. Love therefore so your hearts would not be hard but always wide open for the acceptance of God's love. Children I want you to accept love from the God the Father and give it out to all of your neighbours your brothers and sisters. The lord gives you love and reaches out his helping hand to you. Peace therefore, so your hearts would accept it with great love. And would be able to spread it out further.
     Thank you my children that you heard my call.

1999-04-15 - message obtained through Mary

My children!
     Even today I come and bring you a message from my Son and your Savior Jesus Christ. I am coming because your hearts are still hard. You, children, open your hearts wide open and accept love into them from the Lord. Children, I want you to read from the Holy Scripture and think over every one word. Children, open your hearts with love for Divine Word. Children, you only hear out the Divine Word, but do not think over it and do not live it. Children, start to live according to Evangelium. Children, your ears are dumb, your eyes are blind and they do not want to allow the love to get into you and live in you. They do not want you to become a living gospel. You children, do not let yourselves get blunt, do not get yourselves get blind, but start to live that for love and peace what Lord gives and brings day by day.
     Thank you my children, that you heard my call.

1999-04-22 - message obtained through Mary

My dear children!
     Children, I am happy that the Lord your Father allowed me to come here to you. Children, love is that what you still lack. Your hearts will not open for the love. You children, you do not want to live it. Children pray by heart and with joy, so your stone hearts could open to love, so you would give it out and spread it further on . Children, my heart bleeds, the whole of it is full of wounds when I see that you do not accept love that is sent to you by the heavenly Father. Only with love and peace in your heart you will manage to love and with love to forgive. Children, you do not even know what graces you loose. Me, your Mother, I do not want to hurt you, but I want to help you so you would manage to live with love and in love.
     Thank you, my dear children, that you heard my call.

1999-04-24 - message obtained through Lucia

     Your hearts begin to succumb to fear when you see and hear what happens around you. Therefore I come to you today with an urgent plea so you would pray one for another - for peace in hearts. Now the most important is that you would start to pray for peace in your hearts. First of all you need peace in your hearts. When the Lord Jesus will pour it into your hearts than it will be easier for you to ask for peace for the whole world. Pray for the peace in the world. In this time, the unrest starts to spread a lot. Therefore pray for the peace in the world. Nowadays world needs a lot of prayers for the peace in the world. Peace is very much, very much needed for you. Sacrifice all of your prayers to this intention.

1999-04-29 - message obtained through Mary

My children!
     Me, your mother, I am coming to be able to pour the love of my Son into your hearts. Children, when you got worries and problems, go to the God's temple, to the temple of God the Father and kneel before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar and complain to the Lord and your God. He will hear out your prayers and requests with great joy and love. For He is the Lord of the whole world and the whole universe. You children do not be worried. Children even today I ask you to pray, pray for love in your hearts. Pray so your faith would be strong and unshakable.
     Thank you dear children that your heard my call.