Nedeľné sv. omše

1998-11-05 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children.
     Children, few days ago you commemorated feast of all saints and souls. With the help of your prayers for the souls in purgatory, a great lot of souls got out of purgatory to heaven. Children, do not forget to pray for the souls in purgatory, mainly those which are not reminded of , even through ordinary days, not only on the feast of all saints and souls. Souls in purgatory need many prayers. Let your strength be that with your prayers you help the souls in purgatory.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.

1998-11-08 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children,
     I am happy that you have come here even this day. Today's message, which I am giving to you, is important for the whole world. Children the war which you live between yourselves must end. Please, stop this spiritual war which you live between yourselves. Children, start to live love, don't let the evil and hatred be between you, but let love be between you. Begin to win with love and forgiveness. I love you.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

1998-11-12 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children.
     Children, again I am telling you - be happy to pray the rosary. Do not let the prayer of holy rosary be a thing that you should be afraid of . The holy rosary is the strongest weapon against the evil. Children, you can not even imagine how great a power is hidden in the holy rosary. Holy rosary, prayed from your heart has bigger impact than a holy rosary prayed mechanically. When you pray the holy rosary from your heart, you will please me very much. Be glad to pray the holy rosary. Pray it from your heart.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.

1998-11-19 - message obtained through Jozefa

Dear children,
     once again I am telling you, once again I am reminding you: Always, when you will pray something, when you will fast, when they will ridicule you or insult you, offer it on some intention. Each prayer offer on some intention. When I will not tell you an intention on which you have to offer your fasting, set it for yourselves on your own. When they will insult you, do not pay them back with insults. Offer these insults for those who insult you or at least pray Glory.. and the anger will fall away. I will be always with you.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.

1998-11-22 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children:
     I cam today because I want to let you know this:
     Children, in a weeks time a new period of time will open itself before you which was named Advent by the superiors of the Church. In this time you should be a little bit quieter. Holy Church gives you this time so you would be able to think about your live up to now, so you could perfect yourselves in your Christian live which you got through the holy baptism. Let the Holy Scripture serve you at perfecting yourselves. In the Holy scripture you will find answers for all of your shortcomings. Be happy to read the Holy Scripture. Let this book become for you the most precious and valuable book.
     Children, I am telling you , do not waste this time but deepen your faith in it.
     Change. Let the prayer help you in this change. Pray, so the Holy Spirit enlightens you so you would know how you should act. Ask him to lead you on the way which will bring you to a truthful improvement and change of your life. Pray, pray, pray. Believe in the power of prayer. Believe that what you ask for in your prayer that you will get too.
     Children, once again I am telling you, use every minute of this time which is provided for your change of the life. This is the time of preparation for Christmas. Prepare your hearts with the help of prayer for the birth of my Son. Await the arrival of my Son with joy. When my son will be born open your clean hearts for Him and allow him to get into them. Allow Him to live in them and fill them with his peace. Allow Jesus to become the only one and true Lord and King of your hearts.

1998-11-26 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children.
     Children, family is the foundation of solid and strong Christians. Christian family is the foundation of good Christians. Let every day the whole family gather together and pray at least one tenth of the holy rosary or read something from the Holy Scripture and then let them think about what they have read. Me and the Holy Trinity is very happy when the family gets together and prays. Be happy to pray the holy rosary in families.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.