Nedeľné sv. omše

2013-06-15 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     My Motherly heart has opened itself to life and that’s why I wish very much that you also may have the life of God’s Love in you. You should be those who (themselves) are burning with the fire of living faith. Fill yourselves with praise and celebration of our loving Father, through Whom everything lives. He created the sun and He causes his sun to rise on and set down on you. The heavens declare the glory of God, the vault of heaven proclaims his handiwork. Give Him thanks because He put all things under your feet, birds in the sky, fish in the sea, and all that makes their way across the ocean. So look up at heaven, shaped by His fingers, at the moon and the stars which He also created. Praise Him and be grateful to Him, as He gave life to every one of you. Praise God, praise and exalt His Holy Name. Believe that you were created from Father’s great Love and therefore let His Holy Spirit lead you. Never listen to the enemy whose head is trampled on by my feet. Because he leads you to death. I immerse you into the life of Love of Jesus’ and My Heart.