Výročie 2018

Nedeľné sv. omše

2006-02-15 - message obtained through Simona

My children!
     I love you so much, and for that reason I encourage you today to be more eager; long for Jesus, long to know Him and to love Him more so that you can become propagators of His Love in this sorrowful world. Children, do not enclose yourselves in your problems and worries – free yourselves from everything so that Jesus can fill you. Children, you long for Jesus, yet you hinder Him from reshaping you. You long to help people, yet you need Jesus to carry you. Children, be aware that without Jesus you will do nothing, without Him you will be empty. It is Jesus’ strength that changes hearts. I love you so much, so do step into my love so closely united with Jesus.
     Thank you for responding to my calling.