Nedeľné sv. omše

2006-10-15 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     I come to you today with great love in my heart, and I ask Jesus to keep His blessing hand always with you. Children, the pure fact that I may come to you is because of His great Love. Children, do not close your eyes from Jesus, do not close your ears from His word, do not close your hearts from God, your Father and from the Holy Spirit. Children, I invite you to reflect our love to you in your lives, so that this Love forms the hearts of the people you meet with. Jesus gives you His blessings. God the Father gives you many graces to make your mission fruitful. Come to us as often as possible to draw strength from our hearts.
     Children, we love you. I immerse all of you into the Love of Jesus’ and my Heart.