Nedeľné sv. omše

2000-07-06 - message obtained through Adriana

I want to share my enormous love for you and greet you. I beg you for love. Begin living love, spread it around you and grant it to all your neighbours. Be happy and rejoice over each day. I know that you worry when you get up in the morning whether you will be able to fulfil all your duties and what you have to do and then in the evening you go to bed tired. I want you to be filled with love from the moment you get out of bed in the morning.. Live love to the fullest because it written: Love your God with the whole of your heart, with the whole of your mind, with the whole of your soul and with the whole of your might. And Love your neighbour as you love yourself. This is the law of Christ and you will obey it only when you live love to the fullest. I love you eternally.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-07-09 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My drear children,
     I call you today and invite you to hand your hearts to Jesus with the aim of their transformation according to the picture of His heart. Children, try to listen more and talk less. Listen with your heart to what He has to say. If you listen then you understand more things that were hidden and unclear to you before. If you give your hearts to Him and you will be listening you might fulfil His will far better and more thoroughly than before. My children, follow Jesus in stillness and modesty of your heart.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-07-13 - message obtained through Adriana

My dear children.
     Thank you. Thank you for your love and goodness. Children, I want you to be direct in your faith. Let your faith be strong and sincere so that you might realise it to your neighbours whenever you meet them. You hearts are many times deaf to my pleadings and appellations. Your hearts are cold and stony. Children, when you think that you cannot go any further, when you lose all your faith then you meet Jesus and me. Only then you may understand Jesus' and my enormous love. Please, children, kneel before Jesus and tell Him everything, present Him your heart whatever it might look like. In spite of all, I love you so much.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-07-20 - message obtained through Adriana

My beloved children,
     I want to tell you today the following: Children, on daily basis you pray Father Almighty and in it forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us but you are not aware what you pray. God told you everything through His son Jesus for you to ponder about it. You pray to God to forgive your sins and you are unable to forgive your neighbours. When somebody hurts you, shames you over something that is not true, you start guarding yourself and fight for the truth. But, children, do forgive everything to your neighbours and do not protect yourselves. Many a times your forgiveness is only done in your words but not in your hearts. Forgive even the slightest wrong done against you out of love for Jesus. Ask Jesus for strength so that you might forgive truly. Children, there are people in your surrounding that need your forgiveness.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-07-27 - message obtained through Adriana

My dear children,
     I greet you and bless you. I want to strengthen you to hand yourselves totally to the hands of God. Present your lives totally to Jesus so that He might fulfil you with love. Children, grace that I bring to you daily accept as a gift. I know that your cross is heavy and you fall often under it and you want to show your own strength. But do not let the cross be carried by you only. Accept the help of my son Jesus and of your neighbours and do not look for easier paths but walk directly to Jesus. I love you eternally.
     Thank you for listening to my call.