Nedeľné sv. omše

2000-12-03 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My dear children,
     Thank you for listening to my call and your coming here. I am filled with joy because many come to realise that their life is empty and senseless without God and that even they cannot imagine their life without Him. Today, children, I call to you for you to open your hearts to the Saviour so that He might be born again in them and thanks to it your life might ever more grow in love.

2000-12-07 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children,
     Today the heavens opened up again and I am coming to you to tell you: You find yourselves in the time of Advent and you have not as yet prepared your hearts for the arrival of my Son. This time is given to you to use it for your own strengthening and deepening of your spiritual life. Therefore utilise this time to the fullest. Devote yourselves to prayer. Prayers hide many deep truths but you have to know how to pray. Gladly ponder on the mysteries of Jesus' life. Let the prayer enter into you. Children, never forget how much we love you.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-12-14 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children,
     Very shortly you will have a common Holy Confession before Christmas. Be prepared for it as best as you can. Begin to pray today for the light of the Holy Ghost so that you might recognize all your trespasses against God. Ponder and think what might have heart your God. Man whom you deeply love you would not hurt consciously. If you say words by chance that make him unhappy you would come up to him and ask him to pardon you. It hurts you too to see him how he suffers. Why do you hurt Him so often? It hurts so much. Do not avoid the possibility of coming to Holy Confession. Open your hearts before God and tell Him absolutely everything. Take penitence for your actions and behavior and ask Him for forgiveness for everything that you did to hurt Him. God loves you tremendously and He is ready to forgive you. He wishes you to accept the birth of His Son with clean hearts. He wishes your hearts be transparent with cleanliness. With clean hearts and with joy accept the arrival of God's Son to this world.
     I say to you again how much we love. Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-12-21 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children,
     I came to the House of God today in order to tell you: Be joyful and happy because the birth of Jesus is close by. Expect the day impatiently. When the day comes and He sees the light of the world, be happy and joyful as the shepherds did when the angel brought the Good News to them. The wise men set on the road immediately to kneel in front of little Jesus led by the shining star on the skies. This star led them to the place where little Jesus was. Rejoice too when you find yourselves in the House of God and you hear the Word of God speak angel's words. Hurry to receive Jesus in the Holy Communion. Open your hearts fully so that He might enter them. Warm Him up with mighty and sincere love. Jesus wants to offer you His peace. Accept it from Him. Children, we love you tremendously. Thank you for listening to my call.

2000-12-28 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children,
     I came to this House of God to tell you that the year will come to an end shortly. Its last days, hours and minutes devote more to the prayer. Come to the House of Lord and ponder in silence on the mystery of Jesus birth. Jesus was born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Since those times you remember His birth and live it anew. In this year of Jubilee Heavenly Father presented you with lots of grace. Thank Him for everything that you might have completed with His help. He led your steps and He guarded you. Thank Him for everything.
     Children I remind you once again that my love to you is eternal. When you feel pain in your hearts, present it to me. I will accept you to my arms. I will help you and heal you through my love. I love you.
     Thank you my children for listening to my call.