Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-05-06 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children!
     Children, just as the nourishment is your everyday´s support, thus may the prayer be your support too. The prayer has a great strength. Pray. Pray with a faith, with a hope and love so, as you would stop the war in your hearts and between yourselves. Pray everyday. May the prayer and the Holy Communion be a support for you. May the prayer be for you that what nourishment is.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-05-09 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children.
     I am so happy, because the whole Slovak nation dedicated itself to me for this era in a particular way. I had you always in my heart and I assure you that I will have you there also henceforth. Thanks to this dedication, the Slovak nation will be saved from all of the dangers, which Satan prepared against it. It pleased God so much, that he had a mercy on you and the plan, which you hat to gain through your effort; he gives to you now as a gift. My children, I have one more request to you. My messages, which I give to you, I do not give only to my seven children, but to you all. That's why I want to ask you to start to spread particularly the worship of first seven Sundays, which I desired. Where this worship will take place; there will flourish the faith and love to Jesus Christ.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.

1999-05-13 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children.
     Children, pray. Pray in your families. Pray in your families so as the love, the happiness and the peace would shine from them. Merely Jesus who was resurrected and ascended to heaven and sends the Holy Spirit, only he can give you love, happiness and peace through his successors - apostles. Be glad to attend the Holy Mass and the Holy Communion. Be glad to attend the Holy Confession through which the heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus forgive sins by which you have wounded them. Be glad to pray in your families.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.

1999-05-20 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children!
     Children love one another. Love your neighbours without a difference. The same way as your father loves you. Whether you are poor or rich, whether you are healthy or sick. Do not maltreat yourselves verbally. "You are such and you such", because it can happen to you what for the sake of what you taunt your neighbor. You all have some limitations. Love your neighbours the same way as you love yourselves.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-05-22 - message obtained through Lucia

     I come to remind you that the Holy Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. You need his gifts very much. Open your hearts and accept them. Let them to settle down in your hearts and accompany you in every moment of your life. When you will decide how you should do this or that, ask Holy Spirit to enlighten you so you would recognize in time whether your decision is correct. Pray for all people that Jesus would send them his Holy Spirit and his various gifts. When all people will let themselves be led by the Holy Spirit, they will be more unconcerned and happy and then the world will be much, much nicer. Learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and He will take away a lot of burden from you. May the light of the Spirit of God always shine on the way on which you tread from the time that you belong to the flock of the Christ's holy Church.

1999-05-27 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear and beloved children,
     Children, read gladly Holy Scriptures. Read the New and Old Testaments. I do not tell you anything else than Jesus in his Gospel. I am here to remind you that you do not take the word of Jesus to your hearts. Read on daily basis Holy Scriptures and ponder over the lines. Children, I only repeat the words of Jesus. Read Holy Scriptures with pleasure.
     Thank your for listening to my message.