Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-01-01 - message obtained through Lucia

My dear children!
     I want to say to you: The Lord has granted you to step into this New Year. Today, its first day is coming to end. Many people have said to you already their speeches, where the words should have been full of delivery of resolution, so would not be afraid to go into a new year full off worries. People will say a lot of words to you but they are not capable of making them real. Allow me too, on the threshold of this new year to say this to you: At the beginning of this year, which unavoidably stands before you, may every one of you get a resolution, that he will start to work on changing his live. You should be kinder, more tactful, more sensitive to one another and help one another. Don't be so much in a hurry, but dedicate more time of the day to spiritual values. You should try to live a life so a little seed of Christian life would grow and evolve day by day in a lovely way. When you would be stricken by any disaster, do not fall down but always aspire to look at everything through the sight of the faith in Jesus Christ and He will give you the strength to fight against the evil.

1999-01-03 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children!
     I love you very much and the proof of my love to you is that that I have come to you even today. Children, I want you to get into absolutely tight contact with God the Father who loves you very much. Open your hearts to Him and throw yourselves into his arms as children. You have to get to be simple children to understand your God. Children, try to fulfill his will at the best because to fulfill his will means to live love.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-01-07 - message obtained through Lucia

My precious children!
     On this day I want to tell you: Before some time you have prepared yourselves in advent time for the birth of Jesus Christ. You came also to holy confession. You acknowledged your sins cleaned your hearts through the holy confession and in it your heavenly Father showed you his mercy, which is infinite and inexhaustible. He showed it to you when he forgave you all of your sins with love. He was immensely glad that you have returned to the house where children live, the ones that have their hearts clean. You had your hearts ready for Jesus. You have expected his birth with a joy. When he was born he brought peace to all people. Even to you he brought peace and joy into your hearts when he stepped into them. He brought you joy so you would not think unceasingly only about this world about things which are diminishing and about all of the problems which you have. By means of joy from the Lord that he gave you as a present he wanted to raise your minds to values which last and never cease. He wanted to raise them to your Lord to His infinite love to His mercy. Children, children such short time has gone by from then when Jesus has filled you with joy and you have forgotten it already. You are again in a hurry and full of worries. Therefore I am telling you - do not forget the joy. The joy may never be missing between your good attributes. The joy may never vanish from you. Rejoice in every situation when it will be joyful but even painful. I love you very much.
     Thank you, that you have again heard my call.

1999-01-14 - message obtained through Lucia

My children!
     Children today I want to tell you again the message about the Holy Mass. Come everyday to the house of your Father to the celebration of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. In the Holy Mass you experience that how his son sacrificed himself with love. He testified with his death his love to you all, on the wood of the cross. Children, the Holy Mass should become the strength for you in days, which are often difficult for you. Open your hearts and take in the strength from them, which emanates from them. That strength is the Lord Jesus himself. Have your hearts always clean so you could at all times come to the Holy Communion. As your bodies can not live without the food and drink, in the same way your souls too can not live without the Holy Communion. May never be days in which you would not get the body of the Lord Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament into your clean hearts. I love you immensely.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-01-21 - message obtained through Lucia

My Dear children!
     Children as a mother castigates her child when he does not the right thing and it would harm him, so as I am your mother too and do care about you with the biggest maternal love, so with love I want to say to you these words: Children, nowadays you're very tired from all of the work, which you have to do. You have so much of that work, so you fall under its weight. I know about your exhaustion but even in spite of all that, muster up the rest of your strength and get up. Pray and beg the Lord Jesus so he would give you the strength. When you will beg him with faith so He will present it to you in a large extent. Do not be afraid to turn to Him with any problem. Indeed that's why he is forever present in the Most Blesses Altar Sacrament so he could always help you. He is the only one who will always help everybody with love.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-01-28 - message obtained through Lucia

Dear children!
     Today I want to say to you: Children develop your faith in Jesus Christ, which you got at the Holy baptism. Mind you that your faith grows. As your heavenly Father sends rain to flowers so they would come into flower, acquire the beauty and then attract the sight of all people, so you develop your faith with prayer. I repeat often to you, that you should pray. You see everything with human eyes. Things, which you see around you, bewitch you. You are in a hurry after all of these things and would like to own them all. I castigate you always, so you should throw away everything far behind you, that this world offers to you. I know that many things on this world are beautiful and tempt you very much. But I know even that, when you will go after them, they will do you harm. They are beautiful only on the surface. When you penetrate into them deeper they will do harm to your souls. Your souls will suffer very much. I am you Mother and I do not want you to suffer. Therefore I say to you again - throw away all of your things which you do not need for your life. If you will abide by me and will act according to my words, so you will not be so occupied and so you will have more time for prayer. Pray and look in to the well of prayer and you will find out that the prayer will replace everything for you with what you were up to now preoccupied, it will even enrich your souls with peace. Pray and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. When you will penetrate in to the depth of the prayer, so you will discover that all the world over there is no bigger and more precious treasure than the faith in Jesus Christ. I love you. I said these words to you from love.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.