Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-10-03 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children,
     I want to invite you to praying the Holy Rosary, mainly in your families. Your households are full of nervousness, rows and unrest. Children, start praying the Holy Rosary together and thus your homes will be filed with prayers that will bring peace, joy and love. I will be with every single family that will join prayers and I will bring grace every family needs so much.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

1999-10-07 - message obtained through Jozefa

My children,
     Children, let your belief not diminish, let it grow and bud like a little rose. Let your belief be strong and relentless. Pray. Pray so that your belief would not succumb but be stronger. When your belief be weak than pray. Only belief in Trinity might save you. I am telling you again; pray for your belief.
     Thank you, dear children, that you listen to my call.

1999-10-14 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children,
     Children, I am sad because you forget the love of your neighbours. You forget you are supposed to love your neighbour as yourself. Therefore I am telling you again: When the tempter will about to tempt you in order to pay back the bad deed with another bad deed, do start praying. Prayer has a mighty power. The devil is frightened particularly of the Holy Rosary. Children, I love each of you without any distinction. Do love your neighbours.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

1999-10-21 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear children!
     Children, you like praying. You enjoy praying particularly the Holy Rosary. Pray Joyful, Painful and Solemn Holy Rosaries. Holy Rosary is a very powerful prayer. Devil is frightened of the Holy Rosary. If only one part would be omitted, the Rosary is not completed. Therefore take care to pray a complete Holy Rosary. My dear children, I rejoice >together with the Holy Trinity when you pray Holy Rosary. This prayer too will surely bring you to salvation of your souls.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

1999-10-28 - message obtained through Jozefa

My dear and beloved children!
     Children, do not forget the prayer of Holy Rosary in your families. The Rosary prayed with your heart has a huge power and is able to help in all matters. If only one part is missed out, The Rosary is not complete. Try to pray the whole Holy Rosary. Children, do not be frightened of accepting a child into your family. If a child is accepted into the family, God will pour his mercy on you. Families with many children are showered with lots of mercy of God. Love your children as I love you.
     Thank you for listening to my call.