Nedeľné sv. omše

1995-03-02 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Thank you for coming here. Fasting time is coming, so try to prepare yourselves for it in such a way that you will be able to experience the feast of salvation. The Lord sacrifices Himself for you every day. You though with your unclean hearts keep insulting Him over and over. Try to be good. The Evil One does bad things everywhere. Defend yourselves with your Holy Rosary. Pray it. I love you.
     Virgin Mary together with Jesus were blessing the people present. She told me that She would appear as many times as needed.

1995-03-12 - message obtained through Martin - Dobrá Voda

My dear children!
     I am pleased you are here. I love you very much. In all the conveyed messages I only want you to pray. You do not pray at all. There were more of you praying before. Jesus, God, and I love you very much. You love Us only very little. Pray, pray a lot. The Way of Cross is a conversation with God, and also with Jesus. Jesus wants to talk with you, but He hears only a few voices. I am with you.

1995-03-13 - message obtained through Martin

Dear children!
     I am sad because you show no respect to your fellowmen and you insult them daily. Pray. I am praying together with you so that you do not become a whip of the Evil One, who destroys and leads the souls into perdition. Pray the Holy Rosary because it is a big weapon against the Evil One. I beg the Lord for you so that He would always be with you – because He is mercy and forgiveness. I love you.

1995-03-14 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     Why is it that your prayers do not spring out of your hearts, but they are words only? Why don’t you give a bit of your heart also to Jesus? He loves you very much. He wishes to talk to you very much. But you do not open your hearts to Him. Without the Lord’s Love He is overwhelming you with, your heart would be only a little crumb eaten by the birds. Pray the Rosary, but I beg you very much – pray it with your heart, which I love very much. I am very happy. I am your loving Mother. I love you.

1995-03-15 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     I am extremely happy today, because your heart has understood the graciousness of God’s Love. My children, had you understood the power of God’s Love, you would be very happy. Yet, your heart is devoted to My Son. Jesus is also very happy despite His Heart being insulted and pierced so much that those thorns will cover Him soon. The flame of His Love for you is so big that it will burn out those thorns. God loves you very much, and He wants to make you happy – but only if you open your hearts wide for Him and He will wash away all your sins with His (God’s) Love.
     I, your Mother, love you very much. Try to be humble and meek of heart, and I will purify it (heart) and the Lord will Love you very much. I moisten you with mercy of penance and love. My children, I am happy, very happy.

1995-03-21 - message obtained through Martin

My beloved children!
     Thank you for coming here. I wish very much that children would come here. Bitter tears are coming in My eyes, and My Heart is worried over your badness. Children, why are you so bad? I am your Mother, and I always beg My Son not to punish you even though you push Him into punishing you for your sins. He doesn’t want to punish you. The souls in the purgatory know how it is when you hurt the Lord, and therefore they beg the Lord for His great mercy. You spread anger around yourselves. Why don’t you want great God’s Love to penetrate you? Why do you insult Him over and over? Pray. Please, do not insult the Lord, Who is insulted very much anyway. Every Tuesday pray to Jesus’ Divine Heart and to Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary that are daily insulted from all the sinners. Pray for the sinners, pray for them very much.

1995-03-22 - message obtained through Martin

My dear and beloved children!
     I am happy because children have come here as well and are praying the Rosary. You need not worry that your Mother won’t come. I am always with you. I am the Mother of all the people, and so I beg you not to look at earthily things, which draw your attention to this world, the world of dirtiness and sin. This world is very dirty, and you often accept what is offered by this bad world. The Evil One offers you this dirtiness because he knows that God Loves you and he (Evil One) wants to disunite you from God for ever. My children, please, do not allow that to happen. Heavenly things are very rich, and you will experience the true joy only through Jesus. I rejoice and I am very happy because He grants you graces and you make Him happy. I am very happy, My children. Your Mother Dearest. I love you.

1995-03-27 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     Do not be so sad. May your heart not be saddled up with big things of this world. May simple joy from God be pouring out of your heart. God doesn’t want you to be saddled up with other things; He wants your heart to be burning with a simple prayer. This is a privilege of the little children. Ask My Heart, which is Immaculate, for a sincere simplicity and a sincere love. I am happy that you come to My pilgrimage places, yet keep in mind that I am with you everywhere and I will never abandon you. I will be with you throughout the way. Jesus would welcome if you would bring sacrifice for the sinners as repairing for offenses against My Immaculate Heart. I love you.
     The prayer from the Virgin Mary:
     Lord Jesus, the burning seedbed of Love
     You, Who Loves all the people, grant
     That we love them the way You do.
     Jesus, meek and humble of Heart,
     Teach us to be humble and simple,
     So that we will love You more and more,
     And that we will love all the people,
     Good and bad.
     May the Love of Your (God’s) Heart
     Overwhelm us throughout the day
     So that we experience joy from You.

1995-03-31 - message obtained through Martin

My beloved children!
     I am so immensely happy because you come here with the intention to devote your heart to the Lord. My children, I and My Son have been ardently waiting for you here and We accompanied you throughout the way. My beloved children, I am pleased that you know that I am always with you. I am with you, but sometimes you don’t want to accept Me at all. Pray more. Children, I love you immensely.
     My tender Jesus, accept us in Your Heart, which is so much wrapped around with thorns from all of us. Touch our souls and our hearts with the beam of Your mercy, so that we may become as You want us to be. Jesus, wash away all our trespasses through your wounds, so that we become pure and full of Your Love. Amen.