Nedeľné sv. omše

1995-02-02 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Thank you for coming here and thank you that there are so many of you. I am your Mother. I am the Mother even of those who don’t love me, and of those who don’t know me, and also of those who love me as their Mother and Queen. I am the Woman vested in the Sun, I am the Immaculate Chastity. I am the Virgin and my Heart is pure. I am dignified by God, because I was humble. I am the servant of God. Try to resemble Me. Keep in your minds the chastity of your hearts. I am very, very happy.

1995-02-04 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Do not be so unsettled. Your heart has not matured yet in God’s Love. You don’t trust My Immaculate Heart. Surrender yourselves fully to Me and I will take care of everything. I am very, very happy.
     Jesus: Martin, look at My pierced ribs and at My wounds. With your sins you are crucifying Me again. If people insult you because of Me, open your hearts widely and I will overwhelm your heart with My Love through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. I love you, My children! Martin, speak about My suffering for you.
     When I looked at the Holy Sacrament, I saw It completely red from blood that keeps bleeding for us.

1995-02-06 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Thank you for coming here. With every ‘Hail Mary’ you pray, pray as if I were there with you. Those are the words I was addressed with by the angel. Although the beads on the Rosary are so small, yet they are very big. Pray it gladly. I love you very much.

1995-02-07 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     I am sad because this first Friday you received My Son into your hearts that were dirty from sin. I love you very much.

1995-02-15 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Try to be more keenly focused on God. Try to understand God’s words, as only then you will understand the true Love. Today I want you to focus on the word GOD. He is our Savior. He is our great Love. He sent His Word and this Word became flesh. And this Word resided with us and this Word saved us. Try to be serious about these words. Amen.
     I love you, my children.

1995-02-21 - message obtained through Martin

Virgin Mary was dressed all in white and she kept crying for souls in the Purgatory. We felt hot, because her tears kept falling on us.
     My dear children!
     Today I address the most little ones, as they hear their Mother’s voice the most. Children, pray for the souls in the Purgatory. You will help them, and you will help yourselves as well.
     Find at least a moment for My Son and your Lord – Jesus. Pray at least the Rosary together with your parents, and you will save the ties of your family love. Pray, my children. I am very happy.
     Jesus: Open your heart to Me with abandonment and pure love. Mother Mary will help those who don’t know how to open it. I love you very much, my children.

1995-02-22 - message obtained through Martin

My dear children!
     Thank you for coming here. I am very happy that children come here. The Evil One does bad wherever you go. When it becomes the worst for you, pray:
     Mother Mary, through Your virgin Heart, deliver us from evil. Let us feel the Love of Jesus, Who Loves us so much.
     I love you.